Tom Farrell, Lathe Artist with Wood, Metal and Stone

This woodturning and metal spinning website changes frequently. Please check back as new information is added. Tom is available for custom work, metal spinning hand tools and demonstrations.

Tom was born in Lubbock, TX and grew up on the South Plains. He has a lifelong interest in woodturning and metal spinning. After serving overseas with the US Air Force in the early 1970's, Tom spent most of his career with a utility company based in West Texas. In 2001, he began to work full time at the lathe producing a variety of items from pens to porch columns and metal spinning hand tools. Tom enjoys teaching and has presented demonstrations in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. He makes custom traditional archery equipment from wood and composite materials. Tom promotes public interest in woodturning and metal spinning by demonstrating on a lathe at arts and crafts festivals. He gives instruction to individuals and small groups.

"With over 40 years of woodturning experience, I consider myself a general woodturner with a broad range of turning knowledge. I have experience in metalworking and have made many of my own metal spinning hand tools. My work relies as much as possible on the lathe. I feel the objects I make should be able to perform some useful purpose while at the same time reflecting the art capable of being produced on the lathe. Combining different materials with woodturning is of interest to me. I use alabaster, aluminum, brass, copper, pewter, sterling silver, Corian, tauga ivory, and other items with woodturning to produce unique work."


Member of American Association of Woodturners, South Plains Woodturners in Lubbock TX and Comanche Trails Woodturners in Midland TX.


Pictured at right are Ringed Planet box of fine pewter and osage orange. The seed pot is of spalted curly hackberry.

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